About Us

The Longwell Company

      The Longwell Company was launched in 1992 with a vision to pursue long term apartment investment; create and manage superior living environment that exceeds the expectations and enhance quality of life; we are long-term investors and currently have properties in our portfolio that we have owned for as long as seven years; the average ownership period of our existing portfolio is over three years; Therefore, we take a long-term viewpoint to our investments, relying less on what we see today and more on what we anticipate in the future; This is a keystone of our investment philosophy that enters into most purchase decisions. Fundamentally, our view of the location and its future, the quality (including design, construction, maintenance) of the improvements to the property, and the internal rate of return (IRR) generated over a considerable period of time form the basis of our investment decisions.
      Longwell Company prides itself on the care with which it manages and maintains its properties. Our intensive management philosophy allows us to focus on the operation and maintenance of all of our properties. Our long-term ownership and management strategy assures our tenants and residents that our properties will be maintained to the highest standards. Our sale/refinancing decisions are made as the result of in-depth study and after review of a comprehensive computerized IRR analysis. We make our own decisions based on the facts as we assemble them, and as we interpret our plans for the operation of the property. We have successfully sold and refinanced properties in the past years, and will continue to be successful in the sales and/or refinancing of our properties in the future.